Dynamic Duo plus backing tracks, with the sound of a full band!

                     A little bit  country...                                       A little bit rock & roll...

Based in Saratoga County, NY,  Keller & Cannon  bring you the latest Modern and Classic Country, and an eclectic mix of 50s through current Rock and Americana. 

The duo features Tom (Keller) , vocals and guitar, and Betsy (Cannon), vocals and percussion. But it’s their special blend of down-home country and rock vocal harmonies that is sure to get “yer toes a-tappin’ and yer hands a-clappin’”! 

If they look familiar, it’s because Tom and Betsy are the “front half” of two popular local bands, “Betsy and the ByeGons”, (a 60s “girl group” band), and country band “Crow Ridge”.   Both have been pleasing Capital District audiences at clubs, events and concerts for many years. 

Making the most of hot custom backing tracks and an awesome PA, this is one duo act that really rocks out! K & C achieves the sound of a full band, but with a cost-effective compact set-up. 

Keller & Cannon brings rock-style modern and classic country and pure rock to audiences of all sizes and all ages, featuring recognizable, danceable, high energy tunes that reflect the good-time feeling of Americana music. They’ll engage your crowd with highly interactive super-charged showmanship. 

A “serious good” time will be had by all! 








Upcoming shows and appearances

Our calendar includes our companion acts (shown in parentheses):

Betsy and the ByeGons - 60s “girl group” show, plus classic rock

Crow Ridge - Nashville and Classic Country, plus Alt Country and Americana

July 8, 2017 -                (ByeGons) at The Wild Horse Saloon, Mill Rd, Lake George

July 20, 2017 -              (ByeGons) Schaghticoke Town concert series - Town Park

                                      from 6 PM

July 21, 2017 -              (ByeGons) Private Party

July 22, 2017 -              (Crow Ridge) Pathfinder Village Summer Concert Series,

                                      from 6:00 PM – At the Community Center

July 28, 2017 -             (Crow Ridge) Private party, Saratoga, NY 8-11 PM

July 29, 2017 -             (ByeGons) in Concert - Freedom Park, Scotia, NY 7:00

                                     PM.  Wonderful outdoor venue, the premier summer

                                     concert series in the area!

August 12, 2017 -        (ByeGons) at The Wild Horse Saloon - Mill Rd, Lake

                                     George, NY,  from 7:00 PM - Great food and drink, and

                                     classic rock by us! 

August 15, 2017 -        (Crow Ridge) Congress Park, Saratoga, Summer

                                     Concert Series Country and Americana music under

                                     the stars! From 7:00.  If rain, will be in the Visitor Center

August 18, 2017 -        (Crow Ridge) - Ravenswood, Rt 146, Clifton Park, NY -

                                     8:0.0 Return to “The Wood”, this time with the country

                                     act! Great food and drink, great atmosphere.

August 19, 2017 -        (ByeGons) - Katie O'Byrnes, 121 Wall St Schenectady

                                    NY. Best Irish Pub in the area! Great food, and drink!

                                    From 8:00 PM


August 21, 2017 -        Northway Estates party/dance –


August 24, 2017 -        Dock Brown’s - Saratoga Lake

August 26, 2017 -        (Crow Ridge) Wild Horse Saloon, Mill Rd, Lake George,

                                     NY,  from 7:30 PM - Dancin’, drinkin’ eating, y’all!

September 2, 2017 -    (Crow Ridge) - Schaghticoke Fair, Schaghticoke, NY 

September 9, 2017 -    (ByeGons) Adirondack Vettefest - Queensbury Ramada Inn

October 14, 2017 -      (ByeGons) - Katie O'Byrnes, 121 Wall St Schenectady

                                     NY. Best Irish Pub in the area! Great food, and drink!

                                    From 8:00 PM.